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A DAY IN PARADISE- A story of a young man who wan...
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A story of a young man who wanted riches at all cost and enjoy for the first time in his life but his insatiable quest for wealth and power ruin him.

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A young man in his quest to wipe out poverty in his family, and end up pressing the wrong button an action he wished he never took. An action that earned him a prize he will never forget, he only wanted a day In paradise but ended up in hell for the rest of his days. It's a must read for Youth, many insatiable desire for wealth have made them follow the wrong path, which led to their destruction. Hardwork really pays, know it today that there is no short cut to success if you must win you must give it your all, pay the price to earn the prize. A day in paradise is for everyone, it's lesson filled and have a lot of message to pass to each and everyone of us. You can't afford to miss this book, you really can't. Have a nice read

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