Infinix Note 4 Pro (X571)- 5.7

Infinix Note 4 Pro (X571)


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5.7" (32GB ROM 3GB) With X-pen And Smart Cover - Gold

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The NOTE4 Pro has an improved charging experience with the latest Xcharge 4.0 technology and large 4500mAh battery. It comes with 5V5A low-voltage DC charging technology which increases charging efficiency to 96%, compared to the 88% in NOTE3. In addition, a quick 30-minute charge swiftly replenishes the battery of your NOTE4 Pro to give you enough power for the day. The Xcharge 4.0 reduces the loss of current conversion and reduces heat from charging to provide better overall efficiency and safety. Note 4 Pro is equipped with “Xpen,” a stylus that offers flexible functionality for Infinix Note users enabling them to take down notes, create shortcuts, and sketch easily. 
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Powerful screen Never so colorfulNOTE4 Pro has the newest Sharp 5.7” display feature with high color gamut - reaching 85% NTSC, which is 20% higher than most competing smartphones. With a 1300 (TBD) contrast rate and luminance, exceeding 500cd/m2 which together makes the screen unbelievably colourful, clear and dynamic.

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