UCOM Universal Double Game Pads - USB For PC & Laptops - Windows- High Quality, Durable, Maximum...
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UCOM Universal Double Game Pads - USB For PC & Laptops - Windows


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High Quality, Durable, Maximum Utility

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High quality Pair USB Gamepad Dual Shock PC Joystick Game Controller with Comfortable design and familiar button layout which provide you with realistic feeling Two Dual Shock Controllers with One PC USB Plug Interactive gamepad for 2 players Economically shaped for comfort and control during play. Vibration function support dual shock games Joystick with 11 fire buttons to control the latest games Digital and analog modes for peak performance 1.8 meter cord for optimal freedom 2 analog controllers that enable you to control 4 separate axes USB port provides easy connection Plug and Play With dual shock function Compatible with Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/Win7 PC with a least a Pentium processor or compatible.

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